Dave's Tray Inserts

Whether on the road or at home, tray inserts protect and organize your miniature wargame figures!

Cases, trays and inserts are sold separately. Prices subject to change without notice. We offer a variety of custom tray inserts, including foam pads, magnet and steel tray sheets, felted compartment liners and section-making construction strips to compartmentalize, safely store and transport your figures. All our inserts are designed to fit our standard size tray.

Dave's Baggage Train now features Laser Cut wood inserts. Each insert is made to fit our tray. Choose from our current selection or we can custom cut and etch to your specifications. To place an order or discuss custom solutions, please contact us . Prices subject to change without notice.

    Flex Iron and Magnet Sheets

  • Good Flex Magnet Full-size       $6.50
  • Better Flex Magnet Full-size      $6.50
  • Best Flex Magnet Full-size        $6.50
  • Flex Iron/Steel Full-size             $6.50

    Foam Pad Inserts
    Die-cut and Flat

  • 1" Die-cut and Flat Set       $5.00
  • ¾" Solid Flat Foam             $3.00
  • ¼" Solid Flat Foam             $1.00
  • ¾" Die-cut Foam                 $4.00
  • Pick and Pluck Foam       $6.50

    Felt Inserts and
    Construction Strips

  • 40mm Width Felted Insert         $4.00
  • 25mm Width Felted Insert         $4.00
  • Plastic Construction Strip          $1.00 or buy 5 and get 1 Free!

    Laser Cut Wood Inserts with Circles and Squares

  • Stock inserts cut for 25mm circles.
  • Stock inserts cut for 25mm and 20mm squares
  • Cost per laser cut wooden insert $8.00

    Laser Cut Wood Inserts For Flames of War®

  • Stock inserts cut to fit small, medium and large bases.
  • Custom cut inserts for your army. Contact Us with your specifications.
  • Cost per laser cut wooden insert $8.00

    Laser Cut Wood Inserts Custom Order!

  • Contact Us with your specifications
  • Cost per laser cut wooden insert $8.00

    Laser Cut Wood Inserts for Napoleon at War®

  • Stock inserts cut to fit Infantry, Cavalry and Limber bases.
  • Custom cut inserts for your army. Contact Us with your specifications.
  • Cost per laser cut wooden insert $8.00
Laser Cut Wood

Laser cut wood inserts provides custom solutions for your miniature storage needs. We can cut and etch to your exact specifications for any army or figure base. Pair them up with our flex iron\magnet rubber inserts and our magnetized wooden bases so you can easily transport your figures safely and comfortably with our wheeled carrying cases.

Flex Magnet & Steel

Ask us to line your trays with magnetic or steel sheets to give your figures stay-put stability. The flex magnet comes in three steel-base-gripping-strengths. From just enough hold to keep your figures from toppling over, to an almost super-glue like bond. The flex steel is perfect for your bases that already have magnets. By using the flex magnet and steel sheets you can really pack in the figs and know they are protected for travel.

Felt-lined 7 or 10-slot

These felt-lined inserts keep your armies organized for storage and transport. They come in two styles, black, both made to snugly fit our trays. The first felt-lined insert has 7 slots that are 40mm wide x 175mm long, perfect for keeping your ancient units together. The second insert has 10 slots that are 25mm wide x 175mm long....just the thing to store your naval armada or any base that is 1" wide. Both inserts are light, so as to add little carrying weigh.

Die-cut and Flat Foam

The road to victory and valor can be riddled with potholes. But bumpy rides are no problem thanks to this protection solution. And you won't find it anywhere but Dave's Baggage Train. Our exclusive foam pads are easy to cut and stack, fully customizable to accommodate the size and shape of your figs, cradling them. The flat foam pad inserts come in ¼" and ¾" thickness. The ¾" thick, 20-compartment die-cut is perfect for your Flames of War© armies or individual figures. Each compartment is 1¼" (31mm) x 2" (50mm), which is the standard base size for infantry in Flames of War©. Cut the spine between compartments and create a 2" (50mm) x 3" (75mm) space perfect for the large Flames of War© bases. Cut the spines of adjoining compartments to create a space for your Wings of War© airplanes. Stack the pads to fill deeper trays for your mechs and war birds.

For a full customizable solution we offer pick and pluck foam. Each pick and pluck foam insert has dimensions of 7.5" x 14" x 1 5/8ths;" to fit our standard size trays 2" and taller. Each pluck out section is a ½" sqaure. Now you can fully envelope any figure for maximum protection.

Construction Strips

Create custom compartments of just about any size with our light-weight, plastic construction strips. These black strips are 1" tall, 14" long and ¼" wide. I like them for storing my Axis & Allies: War at Sea© models. This way you can keep the warbird flights next to their carriers. Take advantage of our SHOW SPECIAL. BUY 5 CONSTRUCTION STRIPS AND GET 1 FREE!