Dave's Carrying Cases

Tote all your troops safely to the field and home
in these sturdy transport cases!

Cases, trays and inserts are sold separately. Cases come in a standard width and depth to fit all our trays. You simply choose the height of the case(s) you need, then select the trays to fit inside, also by height. It's as easy as 1-2-3 to order exactly what you need. For example, a 17" standard case will hold up to 17" of trays, in your choice of trays 1" to 6" in height. To place an order please contact us . Prices subject to change without notice.

    Soft-sided Nylon
    Carrying Cases

  • 12" For Half-size Trays - Black   $25.00
  • 12" Standard - Black or Gray      $35.00
  • 15" Standard - Black or Gray      $45.00
  • 17" Standard - Black or Gray      $45.00
  • 10" Deluxe Duffle Bag - Black    $40.00
  • 12" Deluxe Duffle Bag - Black    $45.00
  • 14" Backpack - Black                   $45.00

    Cases on Wheels, with Telescoping Handles

  • 12" Aluminum Case                 $80.00
  • 24" Aluminum Case               $115.00
  • 12" Nylon Soft-sided                $45.00
  • 17" Nylon Soft-sided                $55.00
A. 24" Aluminum and
B. 12" Standard and 17" Nylon Wheeled Cases in tandem
bigboy tandem

Our largest-capacity case (see figure A) is solid alloy, standing 24" high, all textured aluminum reinforced with cast aluminum edges and corners. This 24" case and the 12" high matching style (not shown) come with four solid rubber castors mounted on an aluminum frame and handles of heavy-duty molded plastic for a sturdy, comfort-fit grip. The handle brackets are telescoping aluminum. Each case has two combination locks, two buckle clasps, and two heavy-duty metal hinges.

The 12" high wheeled, soft-sided case (not shown) and the 17" matching style (see figure B) come in black nylon with aluminum telescoping handles and solid rubber castors. And they're so versatile. One of our customers likes to stack his 12" standard case on top of his 17" wheeled case (see Figure B), for twice the transport capacity. The standard case sits securely in place thanks to the horizontal strap on its back, that slips over the telescoping handle of the wheeled case and cinches with Velcro© to give the case stay-put stability.

Even the smoothest road has a few bumps or potholes; even a couple of stairs can pose a bounce hazard to your figs. No problem. We recommend adding our foam pad inserts to your trays, for the best protection and safe transport of your figs in our wheeled cases.

C. Nylon Backpack

Our soft-sided black nylon backpack (see figure C) comes with extra-wide padded nylon straps for durability and comfort. There are two zippered side pouches good for dice, pens, etc., and a large zippered pouch too.

D. 17" and
E. 15" Soft-sided Cases
17standard 15standard

Light-weight and made from reinforced nylon, our soft-sided standard cases fold with the ease of fabric to store and are tough enough to keep up with gamemasters on-the-go. They come in three sizes, 12" high (shown in tandem with our 17" high soft-sided case on wheels, see figure B), 15" high (see figure E) and 17" high (see figure D), in two styles and in two colors, black or gray. (Please specify your color choice when ordering). What differentiates the 15" high style from the 12" and 17" style is the adjustable shoulder strap and the two parallel zippers that let you open the case in half for easy removal and reloading of trays. The 15" style also has a large zippered pouch that holds your rule book or codex, etc.

The 12" high (see figure B) and 17" high soft-sided style (see figure D) have two full-length zippers that open a flap on the case side for easy access to trays. Even more, the 12" high standard soft-sided case also has a horizontal strap on back that slips over the telescoping handle of our 12" and 17" wheeled cases—so you can use two bags in combination for twice the capacity of figs!

F. 12" and H. 10" Deluxe Nylon Cases deluxe

The deluxe nylon case is our most popular seller. Why? It provides the most solutions, coming in two heights, 10" high (see figure H) and 12" high (see figure F)—light-weight to carry, yet built with padded black nylon for added protection. Each deluxe case has an adjustable shoulder strap and side zippered compartments (one for the 10" and two for the 12"), as well as a large side pouch to hold your rule book or codex. Two parallel zippers completely open this case for easy in-and-out of trays (see figure F).

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