Dave's Storage Trays

Add more trays as you will; they stack and store as easily on your shelves at home as they load in our travel cases.
And they look good, too!

Cases, trays and inserts are sold separately. Prices subject to change without notice. Trays come in a standard width and depth to fit all our cases. You simply choose the height of the case(s) you need, then select the trays to fit inside, also by height. It's as easy as 1-2-3 to contact us to order exactly what you need.

    Open-top Trays

  • 1" Half-size Tray - plastic        $3.00
  • 1" Full-size Tray - plastic         $4.00
  • 1½" Full-size Tray - plastic     $5.00
  • 2" Full-size Tray - plastic        $6.00
  • 3" Full-size Tray - wood          $9.00
  • 4" Full-size Tray - wood       $10.00
  • 5" Full-size Tray - wood       $18.00
  • 6" Full-size Tray - wood       $20.00

    Snap-top Trays

  • 1" Full-size Tray - wood         $10.50
  • 1½" Full-size Tray - wood      $11.50
  • 2" Full-size Tray - wood         $13.50
  • 3" Full-size Tray - wood         $14.50

    Glass-top Trays

  • 2" Half-size Tray - wood       $9.50
  • 2" Full-size Tray - wood      $14.50
  • 3" Full-size Tray - wood      $15.50

    Tray Accessories

  • Hard-Shell Tray Toppers      $6.50
  • Tray Labels
    Small Label -                           $1.00
    Large Label -                           $1.50
Open-top Trays

Our open-top trays quickly swap in and out of your case for secure transport to and from game locations. All our trays stack, 8¼” wide by 14¾” long, to fit all of our standard size cases. Tray heights vary from 1” high to 6” high and are suitable for figures, terrain and game paraphernalia. Our 1” high trays are suited to microarmor and micronauts. The 1½” high and 2” high trays are perfect for 15mm figures while our 3” high and 4” high trays will hold most 25mm to 40mm figures. Taller trays readily hold pikemen, cavalry, elephants etc.

The 1” high, 1½” high and 2” high trays are plastic with molded feet to hold the trays in place, one on top of the other. Our larger trays are all wood with heavy card bottoms and covered in textured black paper. We attach feet to the bottom of these trays, so they stack without slipping into each other and are compatible with the plastic trays.

Snap-top Trays

Snap-top trays are available in 1", 1½", 2" and 3" heights. They are the standard 8¼” wide by 14¾” long to stack compatibly with our open-top and glass-top trays. They are made from wood with black leather-look textured paper. The cover features two snap closures and has a felt interior surface. For our soft carrying cases, we recommend using a snap-cover tray on top of the stack to protect the figures in the tray below. Use the snap-cover tray in combination with our foam pad inserts to transport your Warhammer/Warhammer40K© figures or skirmish forces.

Glass-top Trays

Glass-top trays not only keep your figures secure, they keep them at-a-glance and on display. Yes, the tops are actual glass and not plexiglass, so they will not scratch very easily. The glass-top trays are made from wood and are available in 2" and 3" heights. We also have half-size glass top trays that are 7¾” wide by 7" long by 2"in height, which are perfect for your DBA© ancient armies. (We also offer a half-size nylon case to carry them.) The glass-top trays come with two rugged chrome-metal hinges and a chrome-metal buckle closure. They fit in all our bags, except the aluminum cases, due to this metal hardware.

Tray Labels

Now that you have shelves packed with trays, you need to know what armies are in them. Our solution? Laser cut wooden storage tray labels. We have many armies and nations in stock or we can create custom labels per your specifications.

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