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Sponsored Events at Historicon 2013

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    T-241 Battle of Sorauren, 28 July, 1813

  • Thursday at 7pm
  • Hosted by Phillip Spera
  • Napoleon at War Rules System
  • Description: With sizable Anglo-Portuguese forces tied up in assaulting San Sebastián and besieging Pamplona, the new French commander Marshal Soult launched a counterattack with the Armée d’Espagne through Maya and Roncesvalles. Although the French initially enjoyed local superiority, the tough terrain combined with stubborn British and Portuguese resistance slowed the French advance to a crawl. General Arthur Wellesley, Marquess Wellington gathered his forces for a fight at Oricain Ridge and Sorauren. Rules to be taught. Beginners welcome

    F-240 Battle of Castalla, 13 April, 1813 Napoleonic

  • Friday at 7pm
  • Hosted by Phillip Spera
  • Napoleon at War Rules System
  • Description: In 1813,alone among Napoleon’s marshals, Suchet won his baton by his victories in Spain. General Arthur Wellesley, Marquess Wellington knew that if Suchet’s forces intervened in the campaign he envisioned in central and northern Spain, things might go badly for the British army. So Wellington requested that amphibious operations be directed against the east coast of Spain in order to keep Suchet’s men occupied. This resulted in the battle we refight today. Beginners welcome. Rules to be taught.

    S-153 Napoleon at War Regional Tournament

  • Saturday start at 10am
  • Hosted by Ken Jacobsen
  • Napoleon at War Rules System
  • Description: This will be a three round tournament with 1500 point armies. This is an open tournament; no qualifying is necessary to participate. However, total participants will be limited to 16 players. Each round will last 2.5 hours. Each player will participate in one of three missions designed specifically for the tournament. Prizes awarded and proudly sponsored by Dave's Baggage Train, Man at War, Great Hall Games and The Wargamers Terrain.


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