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Sponsored Events at Historicon 2015

Register now online at HMGS Historicon 2015 for games hosted sponsored by Dave's Baggage Train

    T-455 Napoleon at War, End of Empire, 1815

  • Thursday at 7pm
  • Hosted by Phillip Spera
  • Napoleon at War Rules System
  • Description: French vs Allied. Beginners are welcome learn to play this fun system on Napoleonic warfare where each nation’s army has its own special characteristics. For the veterans and beginners alike, bring your own 1500pt army or one will be provided for you.

    F-454 Peaches! Get Your Peaches Here

  • Friday at 7pm
  • Hosted by Phillip Spera
  • Brothers at War
  • Description: A fine summer’s day stroll through the peach orchards and fields of a quiet, peaceful hamlet, Gettysburg. Beginners welcome. Rules to be taught. Brothers at War is a new American Civil War Miniature Rules System to be published by Man At War.

    Napoleon at War Tournament

  • Friday start at 9am
  • Hosted by Ken Jacobsen
  • Napoleon at War Rules System
  • Description: This will be a three round tournament with 1500 point armies in 15mm. This is an open tournament; no qualifying is necessary to participate. Each round will last 2.5 hours. Each player will participate in one of three missions designed specifically for the tournament. Prizes awarded and proudly sponsored by Dave's Baggage Train.

Parting Shots,

"The Greatest General is the one who makes the fewest mistakes."
— Napoleon Bonaparte


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